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AU$797.0020% off

Elevate your business's digital footprint with Pixelgram Digital's bespoke packages, meticulously crafted to suit a range of industries. Our expertly designed solutions ensure your venture not only establishes but flourishes online, regardless of your domainβ€”be it a bustling grocery store, chic salon, or a professional service provider. With options like Static, Dynamic, and Automated profiles, we're committed to enhancing your online visibility and presence.

πŸ“† Important Note: Setting up your profile and delivering your cards takes approximately 2-3 weeks. Additionally, please be aware that business profiles do not include a custom business domain by default. To obtain your own one custom domain (sub-domain) or two sub-domains connected to your business profiles, an upgrade to the Connect Your Domain option is necessary.


🌟 Static Profile Package - $638 Ideal for businesses seeking an impactful yet straightforward digital presence, such as Grocery Stores, Tobacco Shops, Laundromats, and News Agencies. This package lays the foundation for your digital journey with a Google Business Profile and a Pixelgram Business Profile setup, promising a smooth and cost-effective transition online.

  • Benefits & Features:

    • Cost-Effective: A budget-friendly way to maximize online visibility.

    • Easy Management: A straightforward, maintenance-free digital presence.

    • Consistent Brand Identity: Maintain a cohesive and clear brand image to build trust and recognition.

πŸš€ Dynamic Profile Package - $1088 Tailored for businesses that need to frequently update their content like Auto Mechanics, Hair Salons, and Small Gyms. This package offers dynamic and interactive Google and Pixelgram Business Profiles to keep your audience engaged with the latest promotions and news.

  • Benefits & Features:

    • Active Engagement: Keep your customers updated and connected.

    • SEO Boost: Improve your online visibility through regular content updates.

    • Adaptability: Stay relevant by quickly responding to market changes and customer feedback.

✨ Automated Profile Package - $1898 The ultimate choice for service-based professionals and businesses requiring detailed client engagement, such as Restaurants and Real Estate Agents. This package automates your profile management, offering dual profiles to cater to different business needs or locations.

  • Benefits & Features:

    • Hands-Off Management: Focus more on your business with automated digital presence management.

    • Multiple Profiles: Ensure comprehensive online coverage for varied services or locations.

    • Strategic Insight: Use automated analytics for informed decision-making to enhance your digital strategy.

πŸ“Š Not Sure Which to Choose?

Embark on your digital transformation journey with confidence. If undecided, our Google Business Profile Audit Survey at Pixelgram Digital's Digital Report is your first step. Receive a free digital readiness report to guide your decision-making process. Plus, access our Free Google Business Profile Playbook at Pixelgram Digital for actionable insights and strategies.

Choose the package that aligns with your business needs and aspirations. With Pixelgram Digital, your digital success story begins today.

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