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PixelReview Tap Cards Starting from


AU$148.0034% off

PixelReview Tap Card

🌟 Transform Your Customer Engagement with PixelReview NFC Cards! 🌐

Unlock the power of instant feedback with Pixelgram PixelReview NFC Cards, the ultimate tool to enhance your customer experience with just a tap. Designed for businesses of all sizes, these innovative NFC cards are your direct link to building a robust online presence on Facebook and Google.

Key Features:

  • Direct Reviews: Each NFC card effortlessly connects your customers to your Facebook and Google review pages, encouraging them to share their positive experiences.

  • Branded Review Page: Get a dedicated page that not only showcases your reviews but also features your contact information and brand logo, creating a seamless brand experience.

    Your Custom Page will be designed as these examples

    Example Landing Review Page 1

    Example Landing Review Page 2

  • Domain Connection: For an added touch of professionalism, connect your own domain to your personalized Pixelgram review page for a one-time cost of $278.


  • Add Express Shipping:

    πŸš€ $148 for faster 2-week delivery with tracking, versus standard FREE SHIPPING for 2-4 weeks.


Pricing Options:

  • Single Card: Perfect for individual use at just $98.

  • Pack of 4 Cards: Ideal for small teams, priced at $278.

  • Pack of 8 Cards: Best value for larger businesses, available for $458.

Special Offer: Upgrade to conenct your own business domain now and enjoy 1 year of free dynamic QR code service, allowing you to update your links next year without needing to change the physical QR code.

Easy to Share: Hand these cards out to family, friends, and colleagues to gather reviews from your customers. It’s a simple yet powerful way to boost your visibility and credibility online.

Designed for those new to technology, marketing, and review management, Pixelgram PixelReview NFC Cards are the perfect blend of simplicity and efficiency. By leveraging the principles of persuasion in a subtle and engaging manner, these cards not only make it easy for your customers to leave reviews but also enhance their excitement and loyalty towards your brand.

πŸ“† Important Note: Setting up your profile and delivering your custom cards takes approximately 2-4 weeks. Additionally, please be aware that business profiles do not include a custom business domain by default. To obtain your own one custom domain (sub-domain) or two sub-domains connected to your business profiles, an upgrade to the Connect Your Domain option is necessary.

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